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Caregiver Advice and Support

Are the responsibilities of caring for a loved one overwhelming? Senior Planning Advisors  works with you to assess needs and chart a course of action to access necessary services. Having a senior care advisor to rely on for guidance will provide you a path to manage the role of caregiver while maintaining balance in your own work, life, and family.

Caregiving at a Distance

When not living nearby, adult children may find caring for an aging parent difficult. Senior Planning Advisors will be your local resource and assist you to coordinate home and community-based services, access medical, financial, or legal professionals, and research appropriate housing options to meet the individual needs of clients.

End-of-Life Planning

Advanced planning provides you with peace of mind knowing your desires for end-of-life care and funeral arrangements are appropriately addressed. It also eases the burden for family members at a highly emotional time. Senior Planning Advisors will conduct a readiness assessment and assist you with document review, communicating wishes, and pre-arranging funeral and burial plans.


Senior Planning Advisors guides seniors and family caregivers through the complex healthcare delivery system to access necessary resources, benefits options, and care providers.

Housing Alternatives

Most seniors desire to age in place, remaining in their own home and community. Home-based community services can help seniors to remain in familiar surroundings. However, there are circumstances requiring alternative housing options for the elder’s well-being. Senior Planning Advisors provides assistance to find the right option for the appropriate level of care and support.

Leaving a Legacy

The later years of life are often a time of deep reflection about heritage, significant life events, and values elders wish to pass on to their loved ones. Reminiscence with a purpose of leaving a legacy leads to feelings of satisfaction, reconciliation, and completion. Senior Planning Advisors facilitates a life review process for individuals to define and communicate the memories and values for which they will be remembered.

Family Conflict Resolution:

Changes may occur among family relationships to accommodate the new reality of senior care needs. Even the most closely bonded family may encounter stressful situations creating difficult interactions and conflict. Senior Planning Advisors offers mediation services to facilitate family discussions in an environment conducive to problem resolution.


Employees are increasingly challenged to balance workplace responsibilities with family obligations as they become the primary caregiver for a loved one. Senior Planning Advisors offers on-site seminars and individual consultations for employees, developing a course of action to manage the caregiver role. This work-life service enhances employee morale, increases employee productivity, and reduces absenteeism.